What we do

We work on a range of collaborative projects with local communities, landholders and organisations to conserve gliders and their habitat.

Tree-planting day in K2W

Create habitat

Infill plantings

Planting of nectar-rich species to provide food and new homes for gliders.
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Tree Planting

Revegetation of large areas to increase and buffer existing glider habitat.
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Project Habitat

Restoring habitat for Squirrel Gliders in Copperhania Nature Reserve
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Nestbox Program

Installing nestboxes on private land to create new homes for gliders.
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Protecting habitat through Land for Wildlife

Protect habitat

Conservation Agreements

We encourage landholders to protect core glider habitat on their properties through conservation agreements.
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K2W Pest Management workshop

Manage pests and weeds

Feral Animal Control

We engage in strategic, cross tenure control programs to manage the impacts of feral animals.
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Weed Management

Through weed management we enhance the health of our land and enable native plants to regrow.
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Who's Living on my Land

A citizen science survey that engages landholders to use infrared motion detection cameras to find out what animals live on their land.
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Squirrel Glider

Research and monitor

Genetic Sampling

Genetic research studies help us to understand and improve management of local glider populations.
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Habitat Monitoring

Regular monitoring of glider habitat enables us to determine the effectiveness of onground works.
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Who's Living on my Land workshop

Educate and engage

Capacity Building

Through landholder education we strengthen the capacity of local communities to respond to threats and improve the health of their land.
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We run events throughout the year to engage local communities and inform and educate school children.
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Citizen Science

Citizen Science initiatives enable locals to get involved directly in vital research projects.
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Revegetation of private land as part of K2W project

Provide funding

Landholder Grants

We provide funding for local landholders to protect and restore natural connections in the Abercrombie Catchment.
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Community Group Grants

Provide funding to local community groups to work on a range of projects that contribute to the K2W Link.
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