Landholder Grants

Every year we provide funding to local landholders to enable them to conduct vital onground work. 

Facilitating onground works

Our Landholder Grants Program provides funding to landholders to support projects that help to build connections for gliders in the Abercrombie Catchment and support their broader environment.

Anyone who shares the vision of a healthy and connected landscape is invited to apply. We believe that everyone has something to contribute, from absentee landholders with small blocks, to farmers who make their living off the land.

In 2015, $300,000 worth of funding was provided for local landholders to protect and restore natural connections in priority areas of the K2W Link including:

  • Protecting landscape connectivity
  • Managing threats to new and existing conservation mechanisms
  • Restoring connectivity through revegetation
  • Managing invasive animal threats to connectivity and threatened species
  • Management of priority weed outbreaks

The next round of Landholder Grants funding will open in early 2016.


Plant a tree

Help to create habitat for a glider by planting a tree on your property. Contact your Local Land Services office to find out which species are suitable for your area and which nurseries sell them.

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Be part of the solution

Everyone has something to contribute, from participating
in one of our citizen science projects, to protecting habitat on your farm.

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