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Ensure your property remains glider friendly by joining one of our partner’s conservation agreement programs.

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If you would like to protect glider habitat on your land, there are a range of options available to you from completely voluntary agreements, through to permanent legal protection for your property.

Voluntary agreements are designed to assist you to protect or manage native vegetation on your land, and is an acknowledgement of your contribution to connectivity conservation. Private land conservation agreements differ from voluntary ones as they incorporate some level of legal commitment depending on which agreement you select. Every option comes with its own benefits depending on which organisation is supporting it and what level of agreement is involved.

Types of agreements and benefits:

Option Who with What is involved Key benefits
Conservation Agreement NSW Office of Environment & Heritage Permanent legal protection for your property, registered on the property title. This is the highest level of protection, and remains on the land with a change of ownership
  • Property assessment
  • Management advice and strategies
  • Rate exemption
  • Local networking
  • Technical notes and ‘Bush Matters’ newsletter
Covenant Agreement Nature Conservation Trust of NSW On-going stewardship including:

  • annual contact
  • assistance with management actions
  • access to funding for conservation activities
  • notification of training and workshops
Wildlife Refuge NSW Office of Environment & Heritage Wildlife refuge declarations enable landholders to nominate part or all of a property where the land has native wildlife values and will be managed for this purpose. With whole property management, landholders can continue to include agricultural and other landuses with the conservation of wildlife
  • Your land is legally declared a wildlife refuge, though you can change its status when required
  • The status is noted on the land title and remains with a change of ownership
Property Vegetation Plan Local Land Services A voluntary agreement which can be registered on-title, and can be in-perpetuity, which confirms the status of native vegetation and protects habitat for future generations
  • Building relationships with your Local Land Services team.
  • This agreement is binding on future owners, should the land be sold.
Whole of Paddock Restoration Agreement Greening Australia Paddock makeover marrying production and conservation. 10+ha sites, wide swathes of revegetation, rested for 5 years while plants establish and stock reintroduced. Incentives to offset loss of production and on ground works. Practical and proven approach for balancing production (stock shelter, diversification of pasture, parasite management) with conservation (biodiversity, birds, habitat and connectivity). Incentives available.
Land For Wildlife registration Community Environment Network Voluntary property registration for landowners who wish to manage areas for biodiversity and wildlife habitat. The program is free for landholders to join and is not legally binding. Landholders are part of a ‘club’ of like minded landowners:

  • Free sign
  • Newsletter
  • Invitation to local events
  • Free property visit
Wildlife Lands Trust Refuge Wildlife Lands Trust
  • Part of an international network of sanctuaries dedicated to wildlife habitat protection
  • Dedicated website profiles for your sanctuary
  • Advice & support should your property be under threat
  • Straightforward application without property visit
Revegetation on private land as part of K2W project

Apply for a grant

Each year we provide funding for local landholders to protect and restore natural connections in the Abercrombie Catchment through our Landholder Grants Program.

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Plant a tree

Help to create habitat for a glider by planting a tree on your property. Contact your Local Land Services office to find out which species are suitable for your area and which nurseries sell them.

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