Weed Management

Weeds impact on gliders by affecting the health of their habitat and outcompeting native plants that serve as food.

Improving the health of our habitat

In Australia, there are approximately 2,800 naturalised alien plant species. Studies in NSW suggest weeds impact 45% of threatened biodiversity. While weeds may not seem at first glance to impact gliders directly, they do affect the overall health of the habitat and can suppress natural regeneration of preferred feed species by outcompeting native plants.

At the same time, some weeds species, such as Blackberry and Lantana, can provide shelter from feral predators for gliders and other small forest and woodland species. Immediate and complete removal of these species without careful planning and replacement with native species can have an adverse effect on native wildlife. It is worthwhile consulting Local Land Services or your local Landcare group about how best to plan the removal of weeds, particularly in areas with know glider populations.

Revegetation on private land as part of K2W project

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Each year we provide funding for local landholders to protect and restore natural connections in the Abercrombie Catchment through our Landholder Grants Program.

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Contact your Local Land Services office to find out which species are suitable for your local area and which nurseries you can buy them from.

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